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I don't have a good experience with New Hope lately. Karolyn talks to me like she does not care at all. From the tone of her voice to the words she uses. No compassion at all with a patient who is having a hard time. Good thing Taneisha is nice. She still makes me want to continue with New Hope.

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The doctors are really nice but some of the nurses are not accommodating. They give you information different than what the doctor tells you. Things are confusing most of the time. The nurses do not respond to my calls or emails right away. They definitely add more stress in what I'm going through.

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Dr. Perez is an excellent surgeon. I am completely satisfied with the diagnostic process and surgical care I received through New Hope. All of my experiences with staff for all surgical procedures were excellent. With that said, I am disappointed in my experience with the IVF process. It was difficult to get a hold of someone to answer questions by phone so you have to email. But as we all know, email can be difficult to explain some issues. I would sometimes just not even bother to ask. Looking back, I should have been more persistent. I think the lack of communication throughout my whole process was the most disappointing. We went through a donor egg cycle where I did not know until I showed up at the clinic on transfer day that my embryos were of poor quality and there was nothing for frozen reserve. I really am still shocked at how I could not have known this until that day. IVF is one of the most stressful and emotional ordeals a couple can face. It is even more difficult when you realize that you did not get the quality and level of support that is needed.

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Excellent visit as always. I didn't have to wait, and all went very smoothly.

It doesn't get better than Dr. Perez (or Kenya or Taneisha). Everyone else is also wonderful, but I had the pleasure of working with these three on this visit. :)

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I have no complaints!! Dr. Perez and Kat are my heroes!!!

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Very kind and helpful wonderful people working here!

5 stars Customer since 2015

The entire staff is warm, caring, and accommodating. Very easy to make the appointment, and each individual I met with or spoke to was incredibly knowledgeable. What a great experience, and I am so excited to continue my journey to motherhood with New Hope!

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Love working with the majority of the staff. However the newer staff is not up to the same standards as the staff that have been there longer.

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Great environment and staff!

5 stars Customer since 2015

I was very pleasantly surprised by how warm the whole clinic felt when I arrived for the 1st time this past week. From the receptionists' welcoming & smiling faces, to the comfy decor, to Dr. Robin's hugs, it was refreshing to feel cared for after such a benign experience at the Jones Institute. Medically speaking, I also appreciate that Dr. Robin suggested to us several diagnostic options prior to IVF to help vet out issues beforehand. Her attention to detail is just what we were looking for, and some of which were not brought up elsewhere. We're looking forward to working with you. :)