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Another great experience!!

5 stars Customer since 2015

It was a great experience. The staff was friendly and professional. My hair looked beautiful and the price was unbeatable .

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The stylist was competent, but she was aloof and behaved as if she didn't want to be there throughout the entire service. She pulled at my hair so hard at one point when applying color that my neck was at a 45 degree angle backwards. I have sensitive skin and asked her to be careful about color getting on my ears and staining them and she said " oh well that is part of it.". Really? Not if you are careful and know what you are doing! The color doesn't look bad, but it is not what I asked for. A lot of the base was not distributed evenly down the hair shaft. The hi lighting color was not applied close enough at the root and it looks like I already have a month of regrowth. I had requested another stylist only to get this unpleasant individual. When I save and pay almost $100.00 to treat myself, I don't need the rudeness or to listen to the person doing my hair telling a fellow student doing my eyebrows how glad she is that she only has one weekend and gossiping about other students. For the price I paid I could have gone to a regular salon where people conduct themselves more professionally.

Paul Mitchell the School-Knoxville replied:

Please Call Pam at 865-966-0400

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Great cut and color. However, I was there from 12:00pm until after 5pm

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Loved it - the treatment, the cut, the stylist, Diamond!

2 stars Verified customer

The teacher wasn't around to show the student anything.. The phase 2 was a complete beginner. Finally after my disappointment did the instructor dry and finish the service.

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Love my hair color. Had a wonderful time. I only have 1 negative. I called and was quoted a price of $37. I asked for a phase 1 student for a cut and color as much color as they are allowed. and that was the quot. When I got there they suggested a $10 treatment. That would bring it to $47 I had a 30% off coupon and paid just over $46 not including tip. I did not think about it till later that night.

But I do love the job that was done and it was worth the $$ but wished I knew the cost up front.

Thank you,Lisa

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It was an amazing experience! & Brandy did an amazing job on my color & makeup!! I definitely will recommend to friends & come back! ☺️

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I thought that Cecily did a very good job blending my root new growth into my natural hair color. Thank you for styling my hair!

5 stars Customer since 2015

My overall experience was excellent as usual. I plan on bringing my daughter for her haircut and hairstyle in September. Thank you for the excellent service.