95.5% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2011

The facility and all the employees are great. Princess was treated quickly and Doctor Mafara was great in explaining an diagnosing,

5 stars Customer since 2012

Dr. Connelly and the staff have always been great, and treat my dog well. Thank you!

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you for taking the time, we appreciate you and Yours!

5 stars Customer since 2002

We have been going to East Valley Animal hospital for years. They are always polite, kind and very sincere and compassionate when dealing with us and our pets. We had three dogs, one unfortunately is no longer with us, one is sick now and the other has had surgery at East Valley. I am very please to get the time to spend with our dogs thanks to the care that East Valley Animal Hospital has provided to them.

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it much.

1 stars Customer since 1992

I'm used to being treated different from talking to the Vet to costs of services. I don't care for the fact that Dr Alan Mafara, does not talk to me about the costs of the different services. I came in to get a fox tail out of my dogs ear. The Vet assistant came in with the costs of what needed to done. I almost fell off my chair they wanted $365. 00. I could not believe how this office can nickel and dime a person. Dr Evens never did this to his clients.. Very disappointed. Time to look for a new vet.... S. Hart

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

I am sorry you feel that way, The estimate included sedation and reversal to prevent damage to the ear drum, due having to go into ear to remove fox tail and ear medications to go home, I will pass your concerns on to the office manager, she will be in touch with you soon.

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Everyone is always so nice and they make me feel confident in the care being provided..

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you for taking the time to let us know, we appreciate it!

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East Valley Animal Hospital Staff are the best! Would recommend them to anyone looking for a great vet for their animal(s)

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we appreciate you and your fur babies!

4 stars Verified customer

Great staff they squeezed me in even though I came on the wrong day

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you, Glad we were able to fit you in.

5 stars Customer since 2015

awesome staff. very informative and helpful.

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you!!

3 stars Customer since 2011

In my nearly 64 yrs on this rock I ve been through literally hundreds of pets and animals. Raised in N Colo. we had chickens, rabbits, horses, collie dogs mostly and yes cats. Spaying and neutering wasn't as big of issue then and cats were pets but mostly mousers it seemed. In a different house and fewer cats later I recall crying my eyes out when dad accidently ran over my young black cat backing out of the garage heading to baseball practice. I didn't hear till later at practice and the tears flowed. As I raised my son here in Gilbert, taught school, now retired and 2nd small career he is now raising his young family here. The are afraid and discouraged from getting pets and I don't blame them. The costs and responsibilities today have overgrown the enjoyment. With all the adds and pushes to adopt and have pets the reality of the costs, etc are not there. Until you go deeper in to web sites, vet visits, articles, etc. The reality is that if you really want to take care of a pet today you need to be above middle class. Other wise from middle class down we are subject to constantly letting pets die slow deaths or being killed. We make it nicer by saying put down and euthanasia but it is what it is. Had my latest dog put down at 12 because of early old dog but I know money could have prolonged her life as a pet but it wasn't to be. And a long comes Bubba walking in to my life because a neighbor won't get his mother fixed. If I knew them better I'd volunteer to catch, have spayed and release again. Going to try and do that somehow anyway. They seem to have younger kids who like having kittens around but as soon as kitten wears off and they haven't found a home they kick them out to the neighborhood. And Bubba walked in to my life about 6 wks. ago. Yep, I'm a sucker for a sweet cal. I and my sister across town had plans to get him fixed, keep him in more and more and find a good home for him and that chapter over. Now a new chapter. Him getting hurt and a week of hell basically. Going to try and get money through home owners. Never know without trying. But have little optimism for that. Funding for the $2000 to $4200 for amputation to maybe plating by surgery, etc is really hard/impossible to find. Partial help for vets that accept it seems is the norm so you have to apply, apply to the few out there for assistance and to only vets that will accept lower rate. So, right now my only 2 alternatives are going to be wait till he gets sick from the infection, call humane society and have them take him as a stray or possibly Sunnyslope this next week to see if they'll take him, possibly try and fix leg and find a home. Web site is they have to check adoptability. Do you all think he really has a chance there? Or I can turn him in now as stray and they just kill him sooner. So you ask for my review? For care for him and up front help to know, B for being nice but F for the cost, lack of giving me any good options for Bubba and me, etc. Review off the overall pet industry----F---for those that really can't afford it and for good education and reality of raising pets today.-- F--- Here's hoping Bubby will be my last. Sad, sad, sad overall situation..

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

I am sorry you have to go thru this, my heart goes out to you and bubba. I have forward your concerns to the office manager who you have been in touch with.

5 stars Verified customer

The staff and Doctor are very friendly.

East Valley Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you for your review, we appreciate your feedback and always working to improve.