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The grooming is absolutely incredible. Yasuko does an amazing job and she is kind and friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend her. However, i cannot recommend the rest of the clinic. They seem to be too busy with too many patients at once and always seem flustered, like they're trying to catch up with the number of patients. It seems they have stretched too thin. I also have not received the most professional or friendly attitude from them. While on the surface there seems to be a level of friendliness, it is accompanied by a sense that I was wasting their time. I was a new client for grooming, and had just moved to the area and they really made me feel like it was my fault for not having all the records and everything ready. They said my dogs needed flu shots before being admitted into grooming, which is fine but I wish they had let me know at the time I scheduled the appointment so that I could've also made an appointment to see a doctor so my dogs could receive the shots. I expressed that I did not feel comfortable letting a doctor check my dogs without me being present and that day at 9am I did not have time to wait for an appointment before dropping off my dogs. So they allowed me to waive it. I wish they had told me that declining the flu shot was only for that one time because when I scheduled another appointment for grooming, when I arrived to drop off my dogs I was told I could not decline another time. Once again, I wish they had told me in advance so that I could've made an appointment. I wish they had told mea at the time of scheduling the grooming appointment, but nothing was mentioned. There seems to be A LOT of miscommunication between the staff at the front desk. The receptionist went to the back to ask a doctor if they had availability right then and there to check my dogs and give them their flu shot - I am not opposed to the shot, I simply want to be present when they are checked by a doctor - and she came back and said that the decorate - the owner - would let it slide this time only. I find this very unprofessional. The treatment of disdain and as if they are doing me a huge favor when they should've notified me at the time of scheduling an appointment. I also find it incredibly rude and unprofessional on the part of the doctor - who is also the owner - to not bother to come out and speak to me. A decent doctor and business owner who cares about the satisfaction of his/her clients would have bothered to come out from the back and speak to me directly; perhaps ask what my concerns were about the flu shot and how the problem could be resolved. Instead I just get this quasi-friendly messenger, as if relaying a message from a mighty king granting me the favor of "letting it slide". Just from that entire experience, the attitude of the front desk staff and the interaction - or lack thereof - with the doctor who is also the owner, I cannot imagine the rest of the clinic being a decent place. UItimately the attitude of the owner reflects what the rest of the clinic is like and I am appalled. As soon as I picked up my dogs, I decided I will never go back nor will I recommend this place no anyone. It is truly a shame because Yasuko is fantastic. I wish she would open her own business, I would follow her to a new place. Or at least I wish she would teach the staff and the owner some manners in how to talk to clients. I was also reluctant to establish that clinic as the medical team for my pets because I noticed in their website that they offer dental cleaning for animals without anesthesia which the Veterinary Dental Association is against that, they frown upon doing that. So right away that really put me off, which is why in general I did not want the doctors examining my dogs without my presence, but they kept springing this surprise on me once I was there int he morning dropping off the dogs, not in advance so I could plan ahead. I don't think this place deserves ANY stars, but i give the one star for Yasuko only.

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Great place great staff.

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Just picked up Heartworm Medicine. Was handed the wrong dosage which I pointed out before I paid for it. So glad I noticed it before I got home.

The staff was very nice & pleasant.

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Our doctor was very nice and friendly but I felt she was continually trying to sell us things. When your budget is tight and your only concern is the well being of your pet you don't want to feel like you are spending frivolous money.

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Every 6 weeks or so I have to take my bunny to the clinic to have her teeth trimmed. I am so happy to have found Dr. Ryle because before finding this practice I would drive over an hour to Purcellville, VA to a doctor who specialized in this. I have to have the right doctor to keep my bunny sedated and out of pain while having this work done. Dr. Ryle does this. My bunny doesn't seem to have any fear of being loaded in her travel bag before we leave and seems so much happier the day after her teeth trimming. I would absolutely recommend this practice!

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Friendly and professional as usual. I'm very happy with the care my pet gets here.

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Tia went in for a follow-up appointment to check her skin and also to have her ears checked. She's not a fan of people touching her ears, but Dr. Pool was patient and let Tia climb up in my arms over my shoulder and she was able to check her ears that way. Happy to say her skin is a lot better and she is doing great.

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Everyone at Deepwood is very caring and professional. It is a thriving office. Thanks.