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1 stars Customer since 2008

I waited over an hour for an appointment and received neither explanation nor apology.

Fox News on the TV; country-western radio station blaring in background.

Never asked whether I wanted a break in nearly 45 minutes of continuous drilling. Proably b/c the dentist wanted to leave work "on time."

I will not return after this "project" has been completed.

Also in New Castle


Hermitage Veterinary Hospital

5 stars 75 reviews

The staff was very nice. But I was extremely angry when I left. I called prior to my visit to get a price. I told them EXACTLY what was going on. I was told that after the fee for the visit and meds I would be paying about $75. They did what they told me they would do. When j went to pay, my total was $189, nearly TRIPLE what I was told. I will NOT going back to this location. Had they told me the actual price, I would have waited a day to see the mobile vet and paid about $50.
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