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An absolute joke of a dentist office. Everything is backwards I was taken in and looked at then asked what I wanted. I told them and they proceeded to tell me the usual that they will take care of me and this and that. I actually had to visit the office that's over an hour from my home because this office wouldn't accept my insurance lol I don't understand how two different offices BOTH for the same company accept different insurances but that's OK all I wanted was the work done. I carry 2 dental insurances so I thought I'd be OK. I went to the Pleasant Hills office and proceeded to have 9 extractions on my bottom teeth. The dentist there was brutal pushing and pulling on my head as if it was something he was using to get torque to change a tire. He left 2 of the stitches too long and for 3 days now they have bothered me immensely there is a hard piece of tooth that he missed that I keep hitting my tongue off off. But even after all this I was going to go back to finish it all that is until I woke upon the 4th day and my mouth was still sore and painful I called the Pleasant Hills office to see what they could do and they proceeded to tell me that I would have to drive over an hour away just to pick up a prescription lol they could not call it in. So I called the New Castle office who had just seen me a week before to refer me down there and was told by them that there was nothing they would do either. The woman on the phone told me I would have to pay cash to come into the office and that she didn't even know if they would do anything for the pain. So I would absolutely not recommended them to anyone. Stay as far away from refresh dental as you can they will explain NOTHING to you and in worse case you will be in my shoes having no teeth left on the bottom of your mouth in severe pain wondering where to go from here. They are a big chain that does not care about you at all only about the money they will get in the end.

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I waited over an hour for an appointment and received neither explanation nor apology.

Fox News on the TV; country-western radio station blaring in background.

Never asked whether I wanted a break in nearly 45 minutes of continuous drilling. Proably b/c the dentist wanted to leave work "on time."

I will not return after this "project" has been completed.

Also in New Castle


Hermitage Veterinary Hospital

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The staff was very nice. But I was extremely angry when I left. I called prior to my visit to get a price. I told them EXACTLY what was going on. I was told that after the fee for the visit and meds I would be paying about $75. They did what they told me they would do. When j went to pay, my total was $189, nearly TRIPLE what I was told. I will NOT going back to this location. Had they told me the actual price, I would have waited a day to see the mobile vet and paid about $50.
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