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1 stars Verified customer

Horrible...I drop my car off and then I get a call that you sold to Luxury Auto and they were going to flatbed my car to their facility all the way in Austin. Would have been really nice if I had been told this ahead of time rather than a random surprise phone call.

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone was very professional and the work was done timely. I really appreciate their conscientious attitude to make sure the customer is happy with the experience.

5 stars Verified customer

Good value and very knowledgeable.

5 stars Verified customer

Great staff and Excellent service.

5 stars Verified customer

The techs are knowledgeable, locate the problem, and get the repairs done quickly and efficiently.

3 stars Verified customer

The service was great as my Husband and I took both of our cars in last week. I am however very unhappy with the fact that my Husbands debit card was swiped twice. This caused an extra charge that is still pending and funds are still being withheld now 5 days later. I called the store and was told it may take up to 10 days for the accidental charge to be removed from pending and funds released. It seems that this has happened before to other customers. If it wasn't for this inconvenience I would have been happy to give a perfect review.

5 stars Verified customer

It was a great experience. I had a 60,000 mile service completed on my car and will take it back to Lucas Auto Care for all my cars needs.

4 stars Verified customer

There's alot I like about Lucas. And that's in spite of the difficulty experienced in repairing our '02 Mini Cooper. It needed a clutch. Very expensive job, for a reason. I got quoted $500 less by another shop but I chose to go with who I thought had more expertise dealing with BMWs. My car did not cooperate. There were complications but the guys there made recommendations about how to best proceed. There was a small oil leak when I got the car back and they took it back in, repaired the leak, which was caused by a seal that they should have replaced and that cost them a lot of their time to go back in and fix. I got the car back, washed and clean and no longer leaking oil. But now it had a small coolant leak. It was just bad luck that one of the clamps up under stuff didn't quite perform. Again, they fixed it and gave me back the car washed and ready to go. I forgot to mention that the second time they had the car, a clutch cable retaining clip broke while they were test driving it. They fixed that at their cost too. During the initial repair they also got a bad front axle from one of their parts providers. It was a freak thing and it cost them time and money and they apologized for having to keep the car longer, It was a trying experiance for me as a customer and for them as a business I'm sure. But, they stayed professional, communicated well, and in the end, I think my pesky Mini may give me a few more years of good service. Thanks guys, appreciate you all hanging in there.

5 stars Verified customer

These guys are the very best. They're genuinely committed to excellence. They explain clearly any repairs and procedures they need to do. Morale is high. And the nearby Herz will pick you up at the garage. On top of it all, Tyger Jr. is a very nice guy. And he loves cars.

3 stars Verified customer

Spent nearly $700 on my 3 series but you forgot to reset my gauges...took some more time from my morning to get that done, though they did pull it right back in the shop to do it. Still should have been already done.

I have been here a couple other times for my car and my sons car. Spent over $3000 in less than a year. Work seems to be good thus far but the finishing details need to be better. This time it was the gauges not reset, last time a tire was mounted on the wrong rim and was very obvious...that took a lot of time from me to get fixed.

My opinion...Price good vs. the dealer, get you in quickly, work is good (so far), but need to be better in detail finish.

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Cedar Park Vision Center

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I have a few weeks before I receive my glasses and the proof is in the pudding but everything says this is a great facility. They were extremely positive, explained the process and demonstrated how they evaluated my eyes. Everything was quick and you can get your glasses prescribed right there. They were familiar with my insurance company and, if my glasses are good, then I will be more than happy. Dr Kim is wonderful and so is the staff. Funny and efficient and lively. Thanks.
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