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My teeth cleaning took all of 13 minutes. During that time the technician only wanted to up sell me on a fluoride treatment, gum irrigation and an antibiotic treatment. I felt that she was getting paid on commission, rather than a salary.

1 stars Customer since 2014

I came in to have emergency work done and was told I had to pay everything up front or have my bank account drafted to pay my bill. I told the office that I would pay 60% up front and when the work was completed I would pay the remaining balance before I left the office. I was told I could not do that. I'm not going to pay for something up front and not get what I paid for. The last dental work I got there, I had to wait four months for my bridge to come in because it was wrong the first time it was sent to dentist, so why would I prepay for something. I paid my bill in full when I left with the final bridge.

I have already changed dentist with my insurance company and I will not be back to this location again! I will also make sure to tell people when I'm asked not to use this location! You just lost a good paying customer!

3 stars Verified customer

Support Staff was great, dentist did not take the time to even introduce himself.

5 stars Verified customer

Very satisfied with the professional atmosphere.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Friendly staff and clean offices

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My daughter had a horrible reaction to the sedatives when we left. I called the dentist office, they put the doctor on the phone, and he walked me step-by-step in how to care for my baby. I thank him so much.

5 stars Customer since 2015

I had my first root canal done, and it went smoothly and i walked out happy with the service.

1 stars Verified customer

had to wait for ever to be seen, made 2nd appointment for cleaning and they made for some other work to be done. Why give out a treatment plan when they can not follow it. Glad we were on spring break or I would have been pissed to miss work for there mistakes. So end of day no teeth cleaning. :(

1 stars Verified customer

As a new patient to Lovett Dental, I was extremely disappointed in the process and service for my 4yr old. In preparation for new patient appointment, I was asked to call prior to and inform office of my insurance information. I did this the day before and provided all information needed. Upon arrival to scheduled appointment, the front desk staff did not have any of my insurance information provided the day before, and I had to resubmit the information and complete additional paperwork. My son's appointment was at 4pm; he did not get called back until 4:45pm. The dental hygienist lacked professionalism and was not kid-friendly in any manner, from start to finish. Despite my son's tears from her hurting him during dental xrays, she did nothing to console or comfort him for the remaining appointment. The dentist did the most basic exam and did not ask me any questions about my son's dental hygiene habits or offer any further recommended care. Overall, I am very displeased with our family experience at Lovett Dental and will not be continuing dental care there.

4 stars Customer since 2015

The hardest part was the waiting! Busy place. Friendly staff. Good dentists.