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Best salon in town.

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Thanks for your wonderful comments!

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My most recent visit to Five Sense on 3/25/15 is one that will cause me to never go back there. I had hoped that Five Senses would be "my salon" but after what I experienced yesterday, it is just not worth the extra money I pay to go there. Prior to yesterday, I had received maybe slightly above average service and enjoyed my stylist, so it was worth the extra money. However, the stylist I was seeing no longer works there and I was booked with another stylist. I typically get my eyebrows waxed and a trim for my hair to keep it healthy during my visits. Yesterday it was apparent they were either short handed or running behind, which really isn't a big deal to me. But, someone came to get me from the waiting room and offered me a chair massage while I waited, which initially I thought would be awesome and was pretty excited about it. So I followed them into the spa section of the salon and stood there while she got the chair ready, and then waited for her to go get a cover for the face part of the chair. Then I received maybe a 2 minute massage that was mostly interrupted by the masseuse talking to someone about what I am guessing was my wait time and who was doing my eyebrows. The masseuse then quickly ended the massage and asked me to wait in the spa waiting room. I sat here for about 30 seconds before getting asked to come to get my eyebrows done. It was all just a lot of moving around to be enjoyable, I would have rather waited where I was and played around on my phone or read a magazine then go through that hassle.

The lady doing my eyebrows ended up also being the stylist I would have for my hair. While we were walking she complained that she had to clock out of her lunch early to help me since the lady who was supposed to do my eyebrows was not available. When we got to the waxing room, I mentioned that I had sensitive skin so she was aware (something I do not like about this salon, that I feel they could approve upon, is that they do not keep notes on file and I always have to repeat the same things and what I want done, i.e. color, shape and that I have sensitive skin) When waxing, she did not apply pressure after pulling the wax like most do to relieve some of the pain and reduce redness, and instead just went right into pulling more wax off. Normally waxes here are a little more enjoyable because they take their time, but she was obviously rushed and did not take much consideration into my comfort or the sensitivity of my skin.

When it came time for my hair, we discussed what I wanted done and I mentioned just a trim and that I would also like some help styling with my curls as I felt the way I had it was just kind of boring and needed some extra attention maybe. We discussed layers and her giving me some styling tips. Sounded great. This stylist was not super personable, but I get it, everyone has off days and it was later in the day and they seemed to be busy. We went back to wash my hair and she once again did everything hastily. The water was super cold and she did not ask if the temperature was alright, and she was carless and the water sprayed on my clothes, down my face and into my eyes. She finally noticed, then blamed it on the sprayer and moved me to another sink. We got back to the chair to do the cut, which seemed fine. But when she went to spray product in my hair, she was once again carless and did not pay attention to where she was spraying or try to shield my eyes, and sprayed product directly into my eye. Then she said she was going to dry cut the rest to make sure things were straight and to texturize my curls. I do not know anything about cutting hair, or even styling it for that matter, but it sounded OK. As she began drying my hair, I noticed she was blow drying it straight rather than diffusing to keep the curl. I tried to say something but she wasn't paying attention. Then I thought that maybe she had to blow dry it that way to cut it? Who knows. But sure enough, she just dried it straight, fluffy and frizzy. Then she asked me how it looked and I told her I did not know because I typically just where it curly, so it was hard to tell since it was frizzy and straight. She then proceeded to get a curling iron to curl my hair. I asked her what she was doing and she said that I just told her I typically get it curled. In the time she was doing my hair, she seemed to forget I had naturally curly hair? I have no idea, but I was losing my patience at this point. I told her that I do not curl it and that it is naturally curly and I just let it air dry. She then snarkily asked me if I wanted to get my hair wet again to have it diffused, but I just asked her to flat iron it since we were already this far, and I really did not want to go through it all over again.

Needless to say, I got no enjoyment out of this visit and did not even get a successful hair cut. I am sure the cut is fine, but I was wanting some style tips and maybe a new cut to help with the curls. I paid $78 and left extremely unhappy and feeling as though I just wasted my money. I did not leave a tip, and was very close to saying I did not want to pay for the style portion of the cut since she completed ignored my requests and did her own thing. I have only ever gotten mediocre service from here. Even when I had my hair done for my wedding with a master stylist, I felt dissatisfied and felt they could have done significantly better for what I had just paid, and with a master stylist...for my WEDDING. Long story short, not worth the extra money in my opinion and I wish I could get that $78 back I wasted on my last appointment.

Five Senses Spa and Salon replied:

It is unfortunate that you felt the way you did on Wednesday evening. We promise you that the staff members that you came in contact with that evening, or in the past, do not have any ill will towards you or have bad intentions with the services that were provided to you.

We have had the pleasure of servicing hundreds of thousands of guests in the last nine years of business. We do not claim to be perfect, however out of our current 1,997 reviews, we are grateful to have received 1,819 four and five star ratings? a 91% success rate! http://www.fivesensesspaandsalon.com/reviews.php

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My daughter and I had a wonderful time getting pedicures at Five Senses! It was relaxing and fun – and our toes look lovely!

We'll go back again!

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Great to hear, Michelle! Thanks for choosing Five Senses Spa and Salon.

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I orginally went in for the elemental nature facial, but after talking with Alyssa about my skin concerns she told me about the Green Science Anit-Aging Facial. She explained the benefits and was up front with the fact that the cost was a little more. I chose to go with the Green Science facial and I am so happy I did. The next morning there was a noticable difference in my skin and within 15 minutes of being at work I had two coworkers ask what I had done differently and comment on how great my skin looked. Everyone at the salon was extremely nice and professional throughout the entire process. Already looking forward to my next visit to Five Senses

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Thanks for such wonderful comments Tiffany! We love feedback from our guests and your review made our day! Thanks for coming in.

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Have been coming to this salon for quite a few years not. I am always greeted in a very nice way & my stylist is the best- she is always on time & always has a positive attitude in addition to being a great stylist.

Five Senses Spa and Salon replied:

Thanks for your comments Jane, it is always a pleasure to have you visit us and we would like to thank you for being such a loyal guest to Five Senses.

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My wife and I had our first visit with your facility over the weekend. I wasn't sure what to expect since neither of us have had a massage anywhere before. It was definitely a positive experience, and we plan to return.

The only thing that wasn't perfect is when we went into the room, they asked if we needed anywhere focused or avoided. I said no to either, assuming all major muscle groups would receive equal attention this way. We both went on a run the previous day, so I did have some areas that were sore, though I didn't mention in order to better gauge my initial experience. At the end of the massage, my quadriceps and tibialis anteriors were neglected.

After this, I assumed they would only receive focus if requested, but my wife mentioned hers were not missed afterwards. Perhaps just an oversight, but I wanted to mention this, being my first visit was a little discouraging. However, this does not detract from my overall experience and I would like to reiterate the quality was top-notch. You have a very talented staff and competitive pricing, and we do plan to return.

Thank you!


Five Senses Spa and Salon replied:

Thanks for your feedback Ryan, we always encourage feedback from our guests to better and continually improve our services. We look forward to welcoming you and your wife back soon.

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Vanessa did a great job with my cut! I was going pretty short and she made sure not to take off too much at a time. Super sweet, too!

Five Senses Spa and Salon replied:

Great to hear, thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback and for choosing Five Senses!

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Always a relaxing, enjoyable, and uplifting experience!

Five Senses Spa and Salon replied:

Great to hear such wonderful feedback! Thanks for choosing us!

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i love to go to Five senses Salon because My hair looks great after Catylin cut my hair. I had been trying to find somebody to cut my hair as good as She does for many years since I came to live to The USA but i couldn't find until now. She is a sweet young girl who makes a great job I was refered to her for a friend and my daughter and I are happy with her service. Also should I mention the nice girls in the front desk very attentive. Give Senses the best Salon in Peoria so far.

Five Senses Spa and Salon replied:

Thanks for such wonderful comments Miryam! We appreciate your feedback and want to thank you for coming in to Five Senses.

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Not friendly , bed uncomfortable , overall not relaxing

Also in Peoria


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5 stars 127 reviews

100% would refer friends and family to us


James A. Meagher DDS, P.C.

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I am concerned that my teeth were cleaned in 15-20 minutes. It has never been shorter than 35 minutes in the past. Also the rinse tube was removed every time from my mouth before all the liquid was sucked out.
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