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Many proclaim that yoga is the union of the body and mind. It's a pretty description but not entirely accurate. The word yoga is derived from the sanskrit word meaning yoke. The type of yoke that yoga is derived from is a double-yoke -- that is, a yoke for two oxen, not one. The two oxen can be said to be, metaphorically speaking, the body and the mind. So, yoga, then isn't so much a union but more of a yoking of the body and mind. No yoke! One may then say that the breath is the yoke that keeps the body and mind in tethered harmony.

We teach movement of the body with the breath while breathing with the movement of the body. This is the foundation from which we teach the basic 26 "hot yoga" class. We build upon this foundation with kindness and encouragement. We don't shout, humiliate, or reprimand. EVER. All the movement, breathwork, and stretching is for nought if you're increasing the tension in your body. And the whole point of yoga is to remove tension from the body! We lead our classes with informed, educated corrections and encouraging guidance through personalized instruction in order to help you increase your flexibility, strength, endurance and stamina while decreasing the very things that directly affect your flexibility, strength, endurance and stamina; namely, stress and tension.


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