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This office has no respect for their patients at all. I gave the benefit of the doubt and decided to ignore their poor reviews - big mistake. If you are considering making an appointment, I highly do not suggest it.

I originally went in for my severe back pain and I was sent to SimonMed to get an X-ray. As I was about to get my X-ray, the technician informed me that she would be taking an X-ray of my neck. I was very confused by this because the pain was in my back, not my neck. She informed me that I would need to contact my doctor and that she would need to explain to me why she wanted an X-ray of my neck.

When I tried to contact my doctor I was told that she was out of the office and would hear back from her when she returned. Obviously I didn't receive a call back and decided to contact her again. This time when I called, I was informed that she was out of town and would be out for the following week. The receptionist explained that I would need to come back in for a reevaluation. I questioned if I would need to pay the copay again and she said yes. I asked for her manager and she placed me on hold for 10 minutes to only come back to tell me that their manager was busy and that I had to leave a voicemail. One week passes and I have still yet to hear back from this "manager". I decided to call again. Once again their manager is not available but this time the receptionist explained that she would pass along my number and make sure that I got a call back. Unfortunately, once again no call back. I decided to give it one last try. This time the receptionist tried to get me in contact with their district manager. However, he wasn't available of course. I was told that he is very good about returning phone calls and to just leave him a voicemail.

I never got the call back from the manager nor district manager. Let's not forget, that after 2 weeks I still never received a phone call from my doctor like I was promised. Also, I am still experiencing chronic back pain and never received any help.

I do not recommend this place to anyone and I will most definitely be filing a complaint with my insurance company.

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There post care is nothing. Their only concern is getting paid

Arrowhead Health Centers - Scottsdale replied:

Dennis, we would love to hear more about your services and feedback. We will reach out to you to discuss further. Thank you.

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Very personalized caring service delivered in a professional way.

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Overall, folks are friendly. Everyone seems to be knowledgeable. The communication process between the staff personel needs improvement. As I am under going therapy, the " jury is still out".

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I always have a great experience when I come to Arrowhead Health Centers either when I come for physical theropy or a procedure everyone is very professional and the wait time is always very short if at all.

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This was my first time at this location. Normally I go to a different location but I couldn't get in to my normal one. I like how easy my information was transferred it was all seamless. However they ran behind and I had to wait quite a bit even tho I was the only one in the lobby. The front desk girls were preoccupied with fiddling with the computer instead of letting me know what was going on. Once I got into my appointment though it was amazing. The doctor gave me personal attention and really helped me.

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The provider came an hour late. I was not impressed. I also filled out forms online since I'm a new patient but when I got there they claimed they couldn't find my forms and made me fill them out again. I don't think I would go back.

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Dr. Clark is always so helpful and informative!

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The office staff are all very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Sethi and the other medical staff also seem competent and are pleasant to interact with. For me, the wait time has been excessive, howevere. Since I have a long way to drive from Fountain Hills, and usually have other things scheduled at other places during the same day, it has been frustrating to wait for 30 to 45 minutes to be seen each time I have been there. I also expected to get results from the nerve conductivity test the last time I was there, but it was not yet available. I have blood work done each month at Virginia Piper, including the samr=e day as my last appointment at Arrowhead, so those results were not that important to me. Neither was the balance test results, since I could tell myself that I did OK on that. I will be back to se you after my trip to China.

4 stars Customer since 2015

Efficient professional services from all persons encountered, from the receptionist-scheduler

To the degreed persons. Additionally

They are always pleasant and on time.

Biggest plus of all is that the Neuropathy treatments are producing results that were deemed "impossible" even a few years ago!

Arrowhead Health Centers - Scottsdale replied:

Jean, thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your experience here. We are so pleased to hear about your victories and are glad that we can be there for you!